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Christian Reijnoudt
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Born in 1980, Scherpenzeel. Studied Autonomous Arts from 1998 to 2002 at the former Art Academy ‘Constantijn Huygens’ in Kampen, today ArtEz.
This was followed by teacher training at the Willem De Kooning Academy in Rotterdam from 2002 to 2004.

Lives and works from Rhenen.


Direct observation has been the source of my work since the very beginning. Everything can therefore be traced back to a place or object. The richness of the visible world is my permanent source of inspiration.
Raise your eyes upwards and look: who created all this? There is a higher form of seeing. We must learn to lift our eyes to see that the world is more of a question than an answer. The beauty and power of the world are of no value compared to Him. The grandeur of nature is only a beginning. Beyond greatness is God (Heschel, God Seeks Man).
Working from observation is not meaningless. My work is often about colour and light. Light reveals and is colour; it shapes things around us. This interplay can touch or evoke deep emotions in reality and also in its translation into my work. Less and less, I view natural phenomena exclusively physiologically.
My work is generally figurative, but I like to leave out things that distract. Early work is more abstract than more recent work. I don’t shy away from experimentation and sometimes this leads to uncomfortable or less accessible images. Pictures that are not immediately recognisable, but where you see what you need to see, or can see.
Seeing nature often touches me. Not the work of human hands, but of the One. Often I get no further than wonder at what I see.
Although I understand all sorts of things about colour theory, for example, it is all conceived after the colours. The Light is revealed to us and reveals His world to us.
Christian Reijnoudt - Photographer / Visual Artist